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Accountability Partners

An accountability partner (AP) plays an important role in the writer’s life. The AP is a cheerleader, a motivator, and your kick-in-the-pants when you’re getting lazy. Please read below and print out your AP checklist.

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AP Expectations

As an AP, you need to check in with your writer, keep him/her motivated and encouraged, and cheer him/her on each day for two weeks. Since it’s difficult sometimes to come up with ideas on how to accomplish this, we saved you the trouble and created a checklist to help you. You don’t have to do each thing listed, but consider this as a brainstorming checklist.

It’s up to you all to contact each other through Facebook first (Hint: Go to our Facebook group and search under members), and from there, you can decide the best method of daily contact, such as Messenger, text, or email.


Remember: You are each other’s AP, so make sure you’re both participating. Have fun!

Download the AP Checklist
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