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Group Membership Guidelines

Before attending a workshop, please take the time to read our membership rules and guidelines:

  • Cell phones are allowed during workshops but must be silenced. We ask that members not accept phone calls during the workshop unless it’s an emergency. We only get one night every two weeks to be together and focus on writing, so let’s make it count.

  • While networking is a huge bonus of being in a writers’ group, it is not the main focus. Please keep self-promotion to a minimum.

  • This is not a place to sell your published books. When we have longer workshops (such as conferences), then we will have a table to showcase your work.

  • If anyone—male or female—feels uncomfortable due to a member's or speaker's conduct, especially sexual in nature, that member is encouraged to come to the president (Janey) or any of the trustees (Liz, Amanda, Cori, or Jessica) and request us to investigate. From there, we will decide if a suspension from the group is necessary. We value you as a member and do not, in any way, want you to feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

  • If you do not like or support a certain activity during the workshop or when discussing future workshops, please hold your peace and discuss it after the workshop with the president or trustees (Liz, Amanda, Cori, or Jessica).

  • We welcome writers of all experience levels; however, our goal is to take aspiring fiction writers and lead them along the way to a successful life as an author. We want to help beginners.

  • Be kind and encouraging to one another. This is not a group that condones unkindness. Period. If you cannot offer constructive criticism in a compassionate manner, you will be asked to leave.

  • When someone is presenting a session, please be courteous and respectful of their time. If you keep overtaking the class or interrupting the speaker, it will be addressed after the class.

  • If a member feels as though he or she cannot follow these rules, he or she will be asked to leave. We do have a “three strikes, you’re out” policy.

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